What are they?Edit

Normal villagers are villagers you can see just about anywhere, and reside in their own houses. In addition, when you talk to them they don't ask for you patronage, or help you edit things.

Complete List Edit

Here is a complete list of villagers, their types, species, and their birthday.

Name Type Species B-day
Agent S Peppy Squirrel

July 2

Agnes Uchi Pig April 21


Lazy Gorilla October 18
Alfonso Lazy Aligator June 9
Alice Normal Koala August 19
Alli Snooty Aligator November 8
Amelia Snooty Eagle November 19
Anabelle Peppy Anteater February 16
Anchovy Lazy Bird March 4
Angus Cranky Bull April 30


Peppy Mouse February 14
Anhka Snooty Cat September 22
Annalisa Normal Anteater February 6
Annalise Snooty Horse December 2
Antonio Jock Anteater October 20
Apollo Cranky Eagle July 4
Apple Peppy Hamster September 24
Astrid Snooty Kangaroo September 8
Aurora Normal Penguin January 27
Ava Normal Chicken April 28
Avery Cranky Eagle February 22
Axel Jock Elephant March 23
Baabara Snooty Sheep March 28